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Address: south of baoying XingYuan industrial park road # 5
Telephone: + 86-514-88231096
Fax: + 86-514-88261679
Phone: 13505270985
Contact: Mr. WuLiSheng
Zip code: 225800
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      Jiangsu province baoying tianbao glass instrument plant (tianbao glass nets | energy-saving lamp | glass handicraft | glass instruments | glass material) production glass instruments and glass handicraft products, with more than 20 years production management experience, in recent years the development of high b silicon transparent pipe workshop. Energy-saving lamp lamp workshop. The product quality is stable.
Product series: glass instruments, glass hand......


Baoying tianbao gl... 2012-08-07
Baoying tianb... 2012-08-07
Baoying tianb... 2012-08-07
Baoying tianb... 2012-08-07
Color glass&n... 2012-08-07
High high-borosilicate glass tubes | Glass instrument | Glass handicraft |
| Glass water pipe | Double cup | | candlestick
Baoying city in jiangsu province's glass instrument plant
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